North Eastern Rehabilitation Centre offers a wide variety of services in our inpatient facility including:

Rehabilitation Services

Our inpatient programs at North Eastern Rehabilitation Centre are tailored to meet your individual, physical, cognitive, emotional and psycho-social needs. Programs are provided in either individual or group formats. The treatment sessions take place onsite and also in the community. For example, shopping centre activities and to ensure your home is safe, an assessment in your home may also be provided.

Therapy sessions take place between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy are also provided on Saturday & Sunday mornings.

We offer the following inpatient individualised rehabilitation programs:

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Pain Management
  • Reconditioning Rehabilitation following injury or illness
  • Arthritis Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Cardio-Respiratory Program
  • Falls Prevention and Balance Program
  • Parkinson’s Rehabilitation
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our team keeps abreast of innovation in research & clinical practice through Professional Development, Quality Improvement, Activities, Consumer Participation and affiliation with related universities and National/State committees.

Pain Rehabilitation Management

Persistent pain can impact your everyday life and affect how you think, feel and function throughout your day. The North Eastern Rehabilitation Centre (NERC) pain rehabilitation program will give you the opportunity to learn self-management strategies and how to implement them into your daily life.During the program you will be provided with strategies for managing your pain, safely increasing your activity thresholds, and ultimately improving your quality of life.To date, there is no cure for chronic pain however it is possible to regain control over your life and gradually improve your function. As you will learn, the physical, emotional, medical and functional aspects of your life will contribute to how much pain you experience. These are aspects you can control.How well you do in managing your pain will depend on your commitment to apply the strategies learnt into your everyday life, along with having a supportive network at home and in the community.The program will be based on a collaborative, goal focused approach between the patient and their:

  • Pain Specialist
  • Nurse
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Exercise Physiologist

How do I get referred?

  • You will need a referral from either your GP or specialist.
  • Once you have been referred you can go into our e-admission form to provide us with the necessary information we require for your admission.

Admission Process

Once you have been accepted as an inpatient you will be provided with an admission date and time.

On admission to the ward the routine clinical process is as follows:

Your nurse will:

  • Take your observations, weight, a urine sample and a medical health summary
  • Obtain information for your safety risk assessment
  • Discuss discharge plans
  • Document and store your current medications
  • Document an store, if necessary, the valuables you have brought into hospital (we recommend that you leave your valuables at home)
  • Settle into your room as required
  • Inform your doctor and the rehabilitation team of your admission as necessary.
  • Ask about your goals of rehab and what you would like to achieve.

What to Bring

Stay in hospital can range from one to two weeks so please bring enough clothing with you as follows:

  • Sleepwear
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Swimwear including thongs
  • Slippers
  • Shoes/trainers
  • Medications that you take at home, prescribed or otherwise
  • Books/ipads etc to keep yourself entertained


North Eastern Rehabilitation Centre offers a high standard of accommodation with both private and shared rooms.All rooms have en-suite facilities (note some are shared), specifically designed for maximum access.

If you have a preference for a single room we encourage you to inform staff as soon as possible so that your name will be placed onto a waiting list. However, this does not guarantee that a room will become available during the inpatient period.

The allocation of a single room is often based on the medical or psychological needs of the individual as determined by the Treating team.

What to expect during your admission

During your stay you will be assessed by various representatives of the Multidisciplinary team. This may consist of Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Physiotherapy and Medical Officers. There may also be need for a Dietician, Speech Therapist, Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Exercise Physiologist assessment. These assessments allow the Treating team to cater a Rehabilitation Program to your specific needs, and help us to understand your rehabilitation goals.

As you progress there may be indication for you to transition to another part of the hospital. This will continue to permit the same therapy but allow increased independence for other aspects of daily living. The purpose of this transition is to highlight the recovery process in preparation for your discharge home.

The care and well-being of all patients at the North Eastern Rehabilitation Centre is our priority and as such we may, on occasions, need to relocate you to another bed or room within the facility. This is to accommodate the changing needs of you or other patients and the hospital. Although we do not anticipate that this will be required often, we ask for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience if this occurs.

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